Friday, September 14, 2012

Kindergarten Morning Work {bonus: no copies!}

Morning "work" for my class is something I've debated a lot about this year.  Last year, I did worksheets on basic concepts.  They did the job- but I didn't love it.  The students arrive anywhere from 8:05-8:25 and announcements start as soon as the bell rings.  Our special starts at 9:15, so that 45 minute block is valuable teaching time and I want to get started right away- so some kids never even had a chance to get started and others were done and ready for another activity.  It left me with a lot of copies to make and a headache.

This year, I decided to create Brain Boosters.  These will be a combination of math and literacy activities that require NO copies.  I'll have each activity in its own large manilla envelope (because they are available in our supply room!) or plastic shoe bin (if it's too large for the envelope).  The kids will grab an activity each morning and get to work- two kids per envelope.  They will be able to pick their partners for this since I pick for them for Math and Literacy Work Stations.  Though this happens every.time. and everytime they are assigned to the same partner :)

Photo: Haha love this

They'll be independent activities of all sorts.  Some activities I'll be introducing during Math or Literacy Work Stations and move them to Morning Brain Boosters after that.  I've scoured Pinterest for ideas and am working on printing, laminating, and prepping these materials.    Here are a few of my ideas:

Sight Word Pancakes. Fun, hands-on way to teach children sight words.  Kindergarten - math activities 
 math printables  

Number practice - fish and bubbles  Reading activities FREE cookie sheet activities!!  I love this counting activity!!! Scooping "Cool Whip" onto pie -- add small motor with tongs

Please visit my K-1 Pinterest Board for more ideas and links to these great activities.  


  1. 1. I feel a little jealous looking at your pin board, especially as we were given 2 more tests to give this year. Not to mention, those 2 tests are given 3 times this year.

    2. Love the picture of Mr. Bean.

  2. I found you! It was nice meeting you today! Looking forward to keeping in touch with all you Carolina bloggers!

    Natalie {blonde curly hair, in case you're wondering "which one was Natalie again?"}
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