Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fine Motor Skills

Like all classrooms, I have a wide range of learners.  These first few weeks I've learned a lot about what skills my students are bringing in to Kindergarten.  It's amazed me how different they are than my bunch last year!  To practice fine motor skills, they placed tiny stickers on the letters A and B.  Some of us are still working on recognizing these letters, some need a little more fine motor skill help, and for the rest- stickers are a winner anytime!!  Here are my Table 5 cuties hard at work:
When they were done, they got to go to the carpet to look at a picture book.  I had held my books hostage for the first two weeks until we learned about how to take care of books.  I used Kindergarten Kindergarten's Forest Friends Go To School (downloadable for free-- destroy it yourself!) this week to teach them how to take care of books.  They promised me they would take care of my books so MY kids (as in, future biological children) will get to have them someday :)
Does anything make a teacher happier than a roomful of children reading.....quietly?!?

What do you do with your class to build fine motor skills and letter recognition?

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