Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Landing in K

I started my career as a third grade teacher in Ohio.  I loved third grade and was so thankful to go to work every day.  Even still, near the end of my fourth year teaching third grade, I started to feel restless.  I needed a new challenge.  I didn't want to teach third grade forever.  What if I was really meant to be a teacher for a different grade level- I'll never know!  But, this was also around the time that we were moving, so I needed a new job anyway.  I figured the chances were slim that I'd find a new job teaching third grade...until I did.  I taught third grade for another year in North Carolina and while I was happy to be in my comfort zone amidst all the other changes in my life, that restless feeling never left.  I jumped at the chance to move down to Kindergarten the next year and fell in love.  I had a lot to learn and I was challenged as an educator, but I loved the challenge.  Though tying shoes constantly left a little to be desired, I *loved* Kindergarten.  After being inspired by so many other teaching blogs (especially the Kindergarten blogs that were my lifeline during that transition year), I wanted to create my own version to inspire myself and others.  Come join our adventure!

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