Thursday, August 16, 2012

Supply Labels

Our Open House is next week. On this night, not only do we get to meet our new kiddos, but parents (happily) unload the school supplies that have invaded their homes. I wanted a simple solution to the piles of fresh school supplies and created simple tags to tie onto baskets. The parents can just toss in their supplies and the sorting will be done for me. I will do community supplies this year, so everything will remain in these baskets until the kids need them. Clutter on top of the tables drives me crazy, so crayons, markers, and glue sticks will remain on shelves until they are needed. Well, that's my current plan ;) 

 This is my first product on TPT! If you download this and would like additional signs to suit your classroom needs, I'm willing to customize a set for you. Email me( you need and I'll get it back to you! I hope you can take advantage of this freebie!

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