Saturday, August 11, 2012

Kindergarten Writing Posters {Basic}

There are adorable writing posters all over Pinterest and teaching blogs.  The posters featured on Shenanigans in Second and The First Grade Parade are some of my favorites.  This idea is absolutely, positively borrowed, but I wanted some for my classroom.  I *almost* used Cara's, but I wanted the font and the wording to be a little more Kindergarten friendly and I also wanted the example to be on the same poster.  I am digging those cute clipart kiddos though, so they may be added to the board as well.

Here are the posters I created.  I'll have these up at the beginning of the year and then add new ones for punctuation, the writing process, and parts of speech as we learn those concepts.  I hope you can use these!


Fonts used:  No Mystery and You All Everybody (free from Kevin and Amanda) and Arial Rounded MT Bold (standard font); border is from Doodle Borders document (I'm thinking I got it from Cara Caroll's blog?!?)

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