Friday, July 27, 2012

Classroom Rug {cheap!!}

You know these cute rugs, right?

Also, can I please have 5 children in my Kindergarten class?!?

Well, spending $400-$500 on a rug for my classroom is not something I will be doing anytime soon ever.  But, I think I've come up with my own solution. 
When in doubt, duck tape!

Here is my drab greenish rug.  The kids were crowded, they whined, they stole each others spots, they sat on top of each other, they tried to sit as close to me as humanly possible, and they got on my each other's nerves.

So, I spot this colorful duct tape and I decide to make my OWN grid.  

Note:  I haven't actually tried this yet.  My parents are coming to help me with my classroom and I decided that measuring and laying the duct tape would be the *perfect* job for my Dad.  You'll just have to stay tuned!

Have you tried this before?  If nothing else, that's some darn cute duck tape, isn't it?


  1. Nice! I can't afford an area rug either and this is a fantastic/affordable option! Thanks :)

  2. Great idea! Let me know if it works. If I have a rug this might be a good option for second grade too! I had the same problem this past year of the kids being on top of each other and me! Do you get a rug from the school, or do you have to supply your own? I still have no clue what room I am in, or even what the school looks like from the inside :) Hope to come over sometime this week to check things out.

    1. Sorry for my slow response, I'm currently out of town! The school supplied this one. I think second grade has a rug. I taught third grade at Kimmel and the school didn't supply one, so I'm not sure when they cut that off!

  3. Now this would solve a LOT of problems in my classroom too! :) Great thinking Rebecca!


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